Teach your children, but not well

17 01 2015

The Dictator hates it when anybody has different thoughts. Self-appointed premier and murder suspect General Prayuth Chan-ocha has spoken of the need to seek out and find any teacher who has taught students that a military dictatorship is not a good thing for Thailand. In the words of a Bangkok Post report:

Speaking at an event yesterday to mark National Teachers Day at the Teachers Council of Thailand, or Kurusapa, Gen Prayut said officials were checking on the information he had obtained but he did not name the schools.

Only a few schools encouraged students to take a negative view of the council and this may have stemmed from misunderstandings by the teachers, he said.

“But I won’t hold grudges over the issue. I only want people to understand what we’re working to achieve. We are finding ways to reform the country so it can move forward,” he said.

Any ill feelings toward the military should stop.

Prayuth is able to hunt down and express hatred and intolerance towards his political opponents, kill them or lock them up, but teachers have to indoctrinate their students. They may not tell them of the military’s history of murdering political opponents. They may not tell their students of the massacres the murderous military has engaged in, say 1976, 1992, 2009 and 2010.

They must tell their students lies. A nation built on lies is a dangerous place. Teaching the children fascist lies can produce terrible outcomes.



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