Purge and the military takeover

18 01 2015

Almost a week ago, PPT commented on more than 200 transfers in the police, all of them made for political reasons. We pointed out the obvious double standards if this political exercise was compared with the May 2014 Constitutional Court decision that sacked then Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra a transfer of one official.

Double standards define Thailand’s judiciary and the military dictatorship.

The Bangkok Post reports another purge taking place in the Ministry of Interior.

AnupongGeneral Anupong Paojinda was gifted this powerful Ministry by The Dictator, who previously served Anupong in murderous attacks on protesting red shirts in 2010. He is reported to have engaged in “a bout of reshuffling of those who would not respond or contribute to the minister’s initiatives — transfers to inactive posts came thick and fast.” The report continues to state that “Gen Anupong will not hesitate to order another purge …”.

Anupong is getting rid of persons he identifies as political opponents and is “relying heavily on military and security officers who are required to coordinate closely with Interior officials in adjusting the attitude of anti-coup elements.”

The Interior Ministry under Anupong is said to have “been transformed into something resembling a military command centre. His action team is full of men in uniform…”.

There’s nothing hidden about this purge. It is a political act, with Anupong tasked with establishing the conditions for extended military control across the country. Yes, the Bangkok Post makes the claim that he is meant to make “sure nothing goes wrong as the country transitions to democratic rule after national reform and the constitution drafting processes are completed,” but this is ludicrous propaganda.

The purge is meant to ensure that no elected government nor elected politician can ever rule.

Anupong conducting a purge and stuffing the military full of military uniforms is nothing other than an act of future political sabotage and an effort not unlike that undertaken by dictators in some of the worlds most vicious military-dominated regimes in the 20th century.

Double standards, no justice, and military domination. It just gets worse and worse.



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