Voting advice from The Dictator

19 01 2015

At Khaosod it is reported that “Thailand’s unelected military ruler has asked the public to think of what is best for the nation when they vote, instead of relying on their ‘familiarity’ with the candidates running in an election.”

Having a general who has never been elected to anything give advice to people on how to vote seems weird enough. Yet General Prayuth Chan-ocha has no shame, no conscience and plenty of arrogance. Indeed, he’s done this before.

His pompous and unsolicited advice to the voters he cannot trust is reported thus:

… whoever will run the country next has to know more than I do. Don’t just elect the same group of politicians you have elected in the past.”

He continued, “Don’t elect the relatives of the previous group. Don’t just elect the people you know. Today we have to make politicians display their vision on how they will run the country.”

He means don’t vote for Shinawatra-linked politicians. He’s probably noticed that such parties have won every election since 2000.

We suspect Prayuth hopes that, by the time he allows and election, he’ll have a military party in place and people will be forced cajoled into vote for his supporters.



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