Anti-monarchy conspiracies

6 02 2015

PPT noted that so-called Banpot 6 “conspiracy” arrests a couple of days ago. The spelling has varied on Banpot, including Bunpod and Banpodj. We meant to post this a couple of days ago.

It is reported that police have arrested six people accused of being part of a “conspiracy” to attack and slander the monarchy via the Internet and social media.

Police said the alleged Network was “a serious threat to the monarchy and the nation’s stability, saying it incited ‘chaos and hatred in society’.”

The report notes that “recent social media postings by the Banpodj Network reflect a more general anti-establishment position rather than focusing on Thailand’s royal family.” It asks an important question:

Although strong anti-monarchy views seem limited to a tiny fringe of Thailand’s population, the junta has prioritized protecting the monarchy’s reputation and vigorously pursues those suspected of disloyalty to the crown.

It adds that the criticism “found in postings by the Banpodj suspects is common among supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra…”.

In another report, police claim another member of the “network” – described as the “webmaster,” is still in Thailand and being hunted down. Most observers consider that Banpot has long operated outside the country.



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