Surveillance state

8 02 2015

The Dictator appears intent on establishing a surveillance state. This state is usually defined as a state that uses legal bases to surveil all citizens and their actions. The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, uses these means and want to bolster this through vigilantism.

WatchingPrachatai reports that the leader of the military junta “has urged people to report lèse majesté cases and warned that he will use legal measures against lèse majesté and anti-junta political dissent.” For the dictatorship, “legal” is loosely defined. He advised Thais “to keep an eye on people posting lèse majesté content on social media…”.

While claiming that the junta has no intention to invade people’s, the junta’s legislation does exactly the opposite. What Prayuth demands is that there be no anti-coup activism and no commentary on the decrepit monarchy. He states that these things “can’t be tolerated and will face legal measures.”

Prayuth urges surveillance of everyone. The fascist surveillance state is being deeply embedded.



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