Lese majeste case dismissed

10 02 2015

Amongst the banal and mad lese majeste cases that have resulted in charges and even jailing, one of the most ridiculous we have seen in recent months was that brought against Jaruwan E. and others.

So bizarre was this case, that PPT didn’t even put it up on our Pending Cases page. We could not see how any judge could take it seriously, even if some military dolts did.

In earlier posts, back in November 2014, Prachatai reported that 26 year-old Jaruwan was accused of posts at Facebook that infringed the draconian lese majeste law.

Lt Col Burin Thongprapai, a staff of the military Judge Advocate General’s Department and certainly no rocket scientist accused Jaruwan of lese majeste defaming her as a person who “should not be born Thai.”

The problem with the case and Burin’s ridiculous statement was that Jaruwan seemed to have no access to the Facebook page and she claimed it has been hijacked in “a ploy to cause her trouble by her boyfriend’s friend.”

Not long after, we stated that it was reported at Prachatai that a lese majeste and computer crimes Facebook case against Jaruwan E. resulted in “two more people fac[ing] the same charges.” They are males named Anon and Chat. All three have denied all charges.

Jaruwan is a factory worker, Chat is a fisherman and Anon a welder. Police say they have not finished collecting evidence. None has any possibility of raising funds to seek bail.

Prachatai now reports that Tuesday saw the release of all three. Jaruwan had been detained for almost three months.  It states that “[t]his is the first time that the military staff judge advocate let 112 suspects to be freed.”



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