Military “solidarity”

10 02 2015

The Bangkok Post has a report that indicates that the military dictatorship feels most comfortable when dealing with military types. The dictators seem to think that no military man or woman anywhere in the world can have different views and that they will be sympathetic to Thailand’s junta.

Military intelligenceThe junta has stated that it “will invite all foreign military attaches based in Thailand for a briefing on Wednesday…”. Remarkably, this invitation is said to originate from the walking, talking oxymoron that is “the army’s intelligence department.”

It should be a very, very small department. However, we guess it is stuffed with rather dull royalist officers and other sycophants who have never had a critical thought.

The briefing session will allegedly provide information on Yingluck Shinawatra’s impeachment, consideration of her travel request and the bombings … near Siam Paragon…”. It is revealed that other topics discussed “will include the arrest of a suspect last week for spreading a forged statement on the [k]ing’s health, the summoning of political figures and academics to report to military officials, and the need to uphold martial law.”

Any serious military attache would already know what these dolts will trot out.



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