“Banpot” arrested

11 02 2015

In a report at Khaosod, police claim tho “have arrested the man behind a famous internet alias who regularly published audio clips that criticized the Thai Royal Family…”.

“Banpodj” or “Banpot” who is “identified as Hasadin Uraipraiwan, 64, was arrested at a hotel in downtown Bangkok at around 8 pm last night [10 February 2015]…”.

PPT has to say that we always thought Banpot was broadcasting from a site outside Thailand. But then we didn’t very often listen to the podcasts as they tended to be rumor-laden.

Hasadin is no claimed to have been “responsible for publishing a series of anti-royal audio clips on the internet…”. According to police, they “and military officers raided Hasadin’s house in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area and confiscated significant evidence that links him to Banpodj.”

The police trumpet that “Hasadin did not work alone.” We have a page on the Banpot 6.

The police claim that:

Banpodj is like a large production house that produced and sold anti-monarchy CDs. It receives an income of around 100,000 baht per month…. They work like a network. We will coordinate with the Anti-Money Laundering Office to trace their financial trail, freeze their assets, and prosecute other people who are involved or lend their support to the Banpodj network.

Hasadin is being held at a northern Bangkok army camp where he is being interrogated. The police say that he is a red shirt activist.

If Banpot was operating in Bangkok over the past several years, then PPT is amazed at his capacity to not be located until now. However, we have no knowledge to confirm if Hasadin really is Banpot.



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