The Dictator

13 02 2015

Just a day ago PPT posted on the military dictatorship objecting to being branded with this most appropriate of terms. Bizarrely, it says it is not a military dictatorship. A spokesman blabbered that the junta “doesn’t want you to use the word dictator…”.

We said then that this was utter nonsense.

As if to prove this, AFP reports on the recent rants of The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha.Prayuth

Justifying his thugs in military garb stopping and searching Yingluck Shinawatra’s vehicle as she traveled to a religious ceremony, The Dictator boasted that Yingluck “would be unable to eat a bowl of noodles without their [the dictatorship’s] permission.” He boasted, “If she wants to go to eat noodles then she can go but if we prohibit her then she cannot go…”.

This follows hard on the heels of a ban on Yingluck traveling internationally.

Which bit of this statement and the junta’s actions is not the work of a military dictatorship?



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