Krit bailed

17 02 2015

Krit Bootdeejean, accused of lese majeste over the dissemination of a “false” Royal Household Bureau statement on the king’s health and the appointment of a regent, has been released on bail.

Bail is highly unusual in lese majeste cases.Krit

Lawyer Winyat Chartmontree said the military court had approved bail after he provided the court with a statement by police that they “had no objection if Mr Krit was granted bail…”. Bail was set at 400,000 baht.

Winyat “said in fighting the case he would try to convince the court that his client had no intention of disseminating the false Royal Household Bureau statement.”

He did not mention the fact that social media has shown that Krit posted the announcement only after ASTV/Manager had put it online. About 4 days ago, ASTV/Manager editor Niran Yaowapha walked out of the court, granted bail, while the court refused bail to the red shirt Krit.

The double standards were so blatant that the military court seems to have had to respond by bailing Krit.



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