A sad day for Thammasat University

25 02 2015


Thammasat University has a long and proud history of being at the center of reformist politics in Thailand. Established to be the national university on 27 June 1934, the university was the brainchild of Pridi Phanomyong, who called it The University of Moral and Political Sciences. In other words, it was born of the 1932 Revolution that overthrew the absolute monarchy in 1932.

It has been a hub of political thought, radical, liberal and reformist political movements and has proudly maintained its links to the founding ideology. Student leaders have become political leaders and its academics have shaped political debate. The triumphant events of 1973, overthrowing a military dictatorship, and the terrible events of 1976, when the royalists and militarists brought a savage revenge for 1973, are events that make Thammasat a centerpiece of modern political history.

Today, taken over by royalist administrators, the once proud university has abandoned its history and failed its people. We hope it can eventually be won back from the royalists and made great again.