Updated: Lese majeste as farce I

27 02 2015

On 5 February, Apiruj and Wantanee Suwadee were accused of lese majeste. The parents of Srirasmi, the estranged wife of Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn found themselves caught up in a swathe of cases associated with the prince’s separation from his third wife.

The lese majeste accusation was filed by Sawita Maneechan of Ratchaburi province. She accused Apiruj and Wantanee of using their royal connection to bully her in 2003, eventually having her jailed.Mum and dad

Sawita said that Wantanee had falsely accused her of having an affair with Apiruj and later used her royal connection to convince a high-ranking police officer to charge Sawita with fraud. She was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in jail because she confessed to what she claimed was a bogus charge.

Wantanee and Apiruj denied all accusations and vowed to fight the charges.

PPT has no inside knowledge of this case but we would think it almost “normal” that those with associated with the monarchy using their reflected power for their own advantage; this is the elite’s bonus for honoring/sucking up to the royals. When associated with the gangster-like prince, the power wielded is threatening and large.

When that link and associated power is removed, those involved are hung out to dry. In this case, the association with the prince was mediated by Srirasmi, and her crash from grace has seen her family and associated excoriated.

By 27 February, they had confessed to the lese majeste charges and to filing a false police report. The police now say they want to lock up the aged couple and will oppose any bail request.

Why would there be such a turnaround? Again, we have no inside knowledge and yet we can guess. The couple was probably threatened with even more charges or charges against other family members. They had watched as others were smashed by the prince and the military regime. Guilty or not, they had no choice.

That’s the way the royal mafia works. It protects the royals from any scrutiny and allows them to do what they want with impunity and with the state’s support, including jailing persons for falling foul of a royal.

Update: Khaosod reports that Wantanee and Apiruj have been jailed and await trial. The report has some interesting quotes regarding their submission:

“We have confessed everything,” Wantanee said to reporters after the meeting, “What I have done, what I have said, I did not mean it. That is all. I have confessed to every allegation. I don’t want to say much. I only would like to say that I still love and revere the monarchy.”

Her husband told reporters, “I repent my crimes. I don’t know what I should say. I now repent the things I have done without thinking.”

The isolation of Srirasmi seems pretty complete as almost her whole family has been jailed. Thailand’s royals seem to have “progressed” somewhat over the last 400 years; back then, they would have all been murdered.



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