Defining political inanity I

9 03 2015

There are no prizes for being politically fatuous, totally wrong nor for being completely inane. If there were, we believe we have identified not only a triple prize winner but probably a Guinness World Record holder in each category.

Some background to begin with. The unpopular leader of the “Democrat” Party is Abhisit Vejjajiva. While he has convinced himself that his was a constructive role during the anti-democrat agitation of late 2013 and through to the 22 May coup.

As everyone else knows, however, Abhisit’s role was to connive with others to destroy Thailand’s democracy. The leadership of the anti-democratic movement was drawn overwhelmingly from the extremists of the “Democrat” Party and that movement and members of the “Democrat” Party repeatedly begged the military to intervene and “reform” politics. Abhisit repeatedly supported the anti-democrat movement, with a whistle embedded in his mouth.abhisit whistle suthep

Abhisit allowed his party to trash parliament, to boycott an election and to join in preventing others from voting when Yingluck Shinawatra called an election.

Abhisit’s response on the military and its role following the coup was predictably supportive.

Now that the military dictatorship is in power and is rewriting the rules of politics to manage a politics that will limit the power of elected politicians and embed military and bureaucratic power, Abhisit has baulked.

What did he expect? Perhaps that the nice boys in green would hand him power again, as they did in 2008? He probably did. Now that his military chickens have come home to roost and have grown to be pterodactyls, carnivorous of political liberalism, pluralism and democracy and developing a military fascism, this fool complains.

Clearly Abhisit is politically fatuous, was totally wrong in his political vandalism of 2013 and 2014, and will be forever remembered as vacuous and inane.



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