Lese majeste witch hunts expand

9 03 2015

The piling up of lese majeste/computer crimes cases goes on with seemingly no end in sight to the repression and vindictiveness. There is news of one continuing case and a new case to report.

Piya J. is computer programmer who was arrested by police on 11 December 2014 for allegedly defaming the monarchy on Facebook. As is common, it was a bunch of lese majeste vigilantes who made the complaint in mid-2013. No 112

Prachatai reports that police claim Piya admitted his guilt while under interrogation. Piya denies the accusations. In fact, during the deposition hearing at the Criminal Court on 9 March, he claimed that the account was not his and that it was a fake account using his publicly available profile photo.

The court set the preliminary hearing on 25 May and the prosecutor has requested a secret trial because it is a lese majeste case.

The new case, also resulting from a complaint by hyper-royalist cyber vigilantes, is also reported at Prachatai.

Police in Phuket have accepted a lese majeste complaint filed by Siharat Thinkhaonoi “against two Facebook users for allegedly posting messages defaming the monarchy on a red-shirt radio host’s Facebook profile.”

The complaint was filed against two persons by their Facebook names Chaida Bunyothin and Parichat Klinsrisuk.

Cyber-pimp Siharat told the police “that he found the alleged lèse majesté messages posted by the two on the Facebook profile of Itthiphon Sukpaen, aka Beer,” a red shirt radio host associated Love Chiang Mai 51. Itthiphon was summoned by the military junta on 27 May 2014, but is believed to have fled to a neighboring country.

Police say they are on the case because it involves the monarchy.

The reign of terror is deepening by the day.




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