Not out

14 03 2015

After his brief foray to one of “his” projects at Chitralada Palace a few days ago, the medicos who have been treating the king over the past five months declared that he could return to live at the palace.

Khaosod reported that the “Royal Household Bureau notified reporters at news agencies in Bangkok this morning that King Bhumibol would be leaving the hospital and returning to Suan Chitralada Palace, his official royal residence in Bangkok, at 6 pm today [Friday].”

But it was poor call and “[s]hortly before 6pm …, palace officials informed reporters that the King would not be leaving. They did not provide any explanation for the change of plan.”

This is not the first false alarm, but no one can question or comment on it for fear of going to jail under the lese majeste law.



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