Gold and the family

17 03 2015

Some readers will have followed the auctions of the alleged illicit goods that were in the hands of Pongpat Chayapan. In a related case, still burying the family and associates of Srirasmi, the brother of the estranged third wife of Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, has been said to have had a stash of gold.

Khaosod reports that “the military has located 2 million baht worth of gold reportedly hidden” by Narong Suwadee. As they sometimes miraculously do, without explanation of how and why, the soldiers “found the gold during a raid of a hotel in Nakhon Pathom province…”.

Apparently, Narong “confessed to buying the gold with money acquired through extortion…. He also reportedly said he left the gold in the care of his friend, Udom Pongprae, whose wife owned the hotel where the gold was found.”

Narong is reported to be “currently being held at Klong Prem Prison in Bangkok for numerous charges, including extortion, possession of firearms without a permit, and illegal detention. He has also been charged with insulting the monarchy, a crime known as lese majeste, because he allegedly cited his ties to Srirasmi and the Thai Royal Family to carry out his criminal acts.”

It is amazing how these things just happen and, of course, under pain of lese majeste and the threats of the military dictatorship, no-one can ask the why and how questions.

PPT was a bit stumped on the naming of the suspect. We have a Nuttapong Suwadee listed as being detained. Is this the same man we wondered? However, another report explains that several brothers were arrested in December 2014.



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