Royalist dispute leads to lese majeste and jail

19 03 2015

Prachatai reports that a military court has sentenced Chainarin Nopchaloemroj to five years in jail for lese majeste. He had been arrested on on 17 November 2014, denied bail and was tried in a military court.

He allegedly “citing the monarchy in scam but since the defendant pleaded guilty, the jail term was halved to two years and six months in jail.” Chainarin was accused by one of the queen’s relatives of “embezzling money through a false royal project.” As Secretary-General of the Office of The Under Royal Graciousness, Chainarin collected donations from big shots for “false royal projects…”.

To be honest, we don’t know about the office or its projects, but enough powerful people were associated with it to suggest it had considerable palace backing, at least for a time.

He was originally charged with 13 others. There is no news on their fate.



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