I know everything

2 04 2015

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, self-appointed premier of Thailand states that he knows everything.

In an Australian report, including video of a press conference, The Dictator declares his knowledge of everything, including democracy. He “told the ABC that democracy in Thailand is like a shirt that is buttoned incorrectly and foreigners needed to understand he is not power crazy.ABC Prayuth

“What is your true democracy?” he asked.

“I know everything … there are people in Thailand who don’t want an election, do you know that?

“I try to make you understand, many countries in ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] understand me.

“The principle of democracy, I know that.”

We are sure that General Prayuth knows quite a lot about democracy. We are sure of this because he has demanded and implemented announcements, decrees and other measures that are all aimed at limiting democracy in Thailand. The most recent example is Article 44. This allocates to the erratic Prayuth the capacity to do anything he fancies.




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