Remember 10 April 2010

10 04 2015

This is a selection of material we posted around the time of the 10 April 2010 military attempt to clear red shirt protesters, resulting in deaths and injuries. Some of the links will not work now, but on this 5th anniversary, we felt readers might like to see or be reminded of what happened and consider why the military dictatorship forbids this massacre being commemorated:

Red shirt coffins


This is a set of links that readers may find useful on the events of  10 April 2010 when at least 23 were killed and more than 850 injured when the government’s security forces attempted to clear red shirt protesters. We have posted a sample of the international press coverage from 12 to 28 April.

Posted 12 April: Thailand’s Troubles and photos / 436 photos from 10 April and more here / Channel News Asia video report / Prachatai’s iReport photos / The Nation’s State photos / photos from Rajadamnoen / New York Times photos / BBC video report on 10 April and a video and brief report on the red shirt parade of coffins. More on the parade here from AP / A soldier’s story / Thai-language press front pages / The Economist has a viewpoint / Asian Correspondent video / Council on Foreign Relations has a so-called Expert Brief, with a comment on the monarchy / LA Times on a teetering government / Al Jazeera blog /Hiro Muramoto’s last video / The Guardian has a fine little editorial: Colour-coded chaos:  The Thai ruling elite would do well not to underestimate the red-shirted rebels / LA Times editorial on an early election / TODAYonline on rumors of a silent coup / Thailand’s Troubles blog from Rajaprasong and a collection of video from Saturday/

Posted 13 April: For a taste of anti-red shirt blogs, desperately seeking the armed members of that group, see here. It seems that finding a few red shirt shooters somehow outweighs the fire power of a huge and well-armed army /, Thailand teeters on the brink of political collapse / a longish report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Battle of Bangkok could be lost on playing fields of Eton / Philip Bowring’s op-ed at the IHT / James Hookway at the Wall Street Journal, Thai Protesters Vow to Strengthen Effort, with some related video and some very good images at the slideshow / Seth Mydans at NY Times / Reuters on splits in the military /  Seth Mydans in the New York Times and people power / The Australian, with Peter Alford on “Abhisit Vejjajiva’s embattled Thai government is scrambling for a negotiated settlement…”. / Across the Aisle /

Posted 14 April:‘s take on the situation-background / Reuters, What’s going on in Thailand? / ASEAN concerns / CNN video (with abandoned military vehicles) and story on protests resuming / Frank G. Anderson on recent events and the monarchy / Seth Mydans at the NYT on Kasit’s comments on the monarchy / The Atlantic on recent events / Tyrell Haberkorn on Thailand on openDemocracy/

Posted 15 April: Washington Post editorial / ASEAN offers assistance / AP on troops clearing up after Saturday / Edmonton Journal on the final battle / A right-wing Korean perspective / The Hindu editorial / Tom Plate in the Japan Times / Kevin Hewison in the Herald-Sun / Asia Times Online / The Australian on Abhisit’s narrowing options: “Badly damaged by the military response, Abhisit now has no other options than to go to the country or resign, both of which will set Thailand on course for an early election,” says Control Risks, an international consultancy / Seth Mydans in the NYT on the growing red shirt protest / NTTV video on protest / The Epoch Times has the government’s view written by “Puan Khon Thai”, but it sounds like the government itself; perhaps “Rataban Thai”? / But for all of this a buck can still be made / Hannah Beech‘s reflection in TIME / The Economist on 10 April and repercussions / BBC on red shirts at Rajaprasong /

Posted 16 April: Sue Cato on Seeing red in Thailand / Thai share market steeply down / a reader sent this dramatic footage:

The Globe and Mail correspondent Christopher Johnson, making the case for Abhisit while being calm about red shirts / BBC video of Arisman’s escape from the authorities and a story here / Sky News has a story on the “great escape”, video and galleries of pictures / The Times on the military / Asia Times on the military and a coup / Life in the red zone / a solid Al Jazeera report on the background to and current events. Well worth a look. Kraisak Choonhavan, who was once “with the people” accuses Al Jazeera of falling prey to red shirt propaganda, and there is much more / BusinessWeek on army taking control / situation update / Siam Report on Democrat Party financiers / SMH on Thaksin, money and red shirts / The Independent on  Abhisit’s humiliation

Posted 17 April: AP and TODAYOnline on government strategy / Bloomberg on impacts of recent events / AFP on red shirt rally / The Irrawaddy on army control / A really worthwhile little AFP report on the injured / Thailand’s Troubles, What’s it all about? / The Nation’s State on live rounds on 10 April

Posted 18 April: New America Media comment / Asiaone on tourism – not as bad as thought?  TIME disagrees / BBC on PAD / AFP on PAD / AP on military preparations / NYT on military preparations / NYT on PAD / The National op-ed / Bloomberg on possible 2nd clash  / AP on armed troops at Silom / Irish Times on a standoff / Nile on standoff, with pictures of army and police / IPS on the red shirts

Posted 19 April: Bangkok Pundit and a set of videos about red shirt rallies / Moneyshow on recent events and the monarchy / Vietnam’s ASEAN response on the crisis / Thailand’s Troubles has a great set of photos from within the “red zone” / WSJ on ec/onomy / Fitch drops rating / Grant Peck on soldiers at Silom / Christian Science Monitor on troops deployed / VOA where Ron Corben seems to think “no colors” are not PAD / Australian editorial  and story on Silom occupation / CNN video and story from Korat / Reuters does some definitions / Globe and Mail on color revolutions / Thomas Fuller in NYT on red Khon Kaen



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