National security threatened by red shirt media

13 04 2015

It was not that long ago that The Dictator claimed, “I have not yet shut down any publications…”. At the time, we pointed out that self-appointed Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha was lying.

He wasn’t lying when he “ordered the media to toe the regime’s line or face consequences…. I will shut them down only when they don’t say good things…. If it is not good, then I will need to do that…”. We know he wasn’t mincing his words because he has now ordered two red shirt-affiliated satellite TV stations shut “for seven days in the name of national security.”

censorship-1At Prachatai it is reported that the military dictatorship’s military Gestapo “issued an order to suspend broadcasting signals for Peace TV and TV 24, two TV stations affiliated with United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), a red shirt group, for seven days.” The two stations were Peace TV and TV 24.

The junta claimed several programs caused “public confusion, divisiveness, and incite[d] conflicts.”

The two stations were said to have violated the junta’s Announcements No. 97/2014 and 103/2014. The former “states that every media outlet is prohibited to criticise coup-maker and present information which contravene with the junta’s measures to maintain national security.” The latter was “issued to amend certain clauses of Announcement 97/2014,” to allow for “honest” and “constructive” criticism of the dictators and their regime while maintaining that “any information discrediting the coup-maker is still prohibited and that people who violate the announcement will be investigated.”



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