Prem and Prayuth

13 04 2015

It is always revealing when the other meddling old man appears and babbles a bit. At least General Prem Tinsulanonda can actually still get about and support his favorite cause, the military and anti-democracy.

At The Nation it is reported that president of the Privy Council Prem, who some see as a quasi-Rasputin figure has showered the military dictatorship with good wishes for Thai New Year.

Like a monarch, Prem received The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his party of military thugs and stated that his “wish” was for “peace, stability and wealth.” Prem sounded like the king when he said that he hoped the “prime minister [he refers to the self-appointed Prayuth] to restore peace and order in the country…”.Old men

The military brass panders to Prem because of his age and position and because all of them owe their rank and position to Prem. And he loves it when the military brass laud him.

Prem showed his support for the military dictatorship by saying that “he expected them to retain a strong determination in maintaining progress and peace for the country.”

Seeming to signal that sufficient time has passed since the coup for the trail to the palace to have been swept clean, Prem also invoked the monarchy for the dictatorship, saying “the virtue of Their Majesties the King and the Queen should help protect them from any perils.”

If the point needed to be made any clearer, the old meddler gushed: “Everyone wants to rely on the prime minister for the country to move forward and remain peaceful. And we want to see the people’s wishes granted…”. PPT guesses that is the Royal we. And, for good measure and to emphasize his support for the junta, Prem said “he wished people with ill intentions towards Thailand would not to succeed in causing trouble.”

He doesn’t mean the military or the palace.



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