Updated: The people are still stupid

16 04 2015

We at PPT are not big fans of the notion of a referendum for the military’s new constitution. We have made this point before, so we will not belabor it.

Yet a report at Khaosod caught our attention for one line from Thienchay Kiranandana, the military dictatorship’s chairman of the puppet National Legislative Assembly.

He is reportedly worried that “the new charter will not pass a referendum vote if the Thai people are not properly informed about its new features.” We had thought that the military would behave as they had in 2007 and force people to accept their charter.

Thienchay, who has a background in elementary education, is more concerned that people will not understand the many and varied contents of the “constitution draft in a clear manner, and if there is referendum, the draft certainly will not pass…”. He wants more effort expended in explaining the dog’s breakfast that is the draft constitution.

We are sure that some readers will consider PPT full of dopes, yet we consider ourselves reasonably well read on constitutions in Thailand. Hence, the “explanations” recently provided by such hired legal prostitutes as Bowornsak Uwanno in his recent “paper” explaining that the king is right on everything, the dictatorship is good and the attempt by charter drafters to right every “wrong” ever identified by a royalist in Thailand mean that no one is likely to understand the whole document.

But back to the puppet Thienchay. He observed that: “If there’s only television shows with the hosts simply sitting there and talking, people will be bored. It won’t be effective. So, we have to find ways to combat people’s boredom.”

Then he showed the contempt he and others amongst the high and mighty have for citizens when he suggested “we can use animated cartoons. That will be more likely to get attention and spread understanding on important points, like requirements for the Prime Minister, and requirements for Senators.”

Cartoons might be appropriate for the work of the puppets, but Thienchay is simply expressing a view that the hoi polloi are stupid and “uneducate.”

Nothing changes and prejudices are reinforced. The draft constitution is by and for the elite.

Update: We fear we may have been unclear. We doubt anyone can understand every item in the draft constitution, not even the puppets making it up. However, the claim that it requires cartoons for the “uneducate” to understand it is revealing of the disdain the elite has for the average citizen.



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