Dummy or dolt?

18 04 2015

About a week ago, the New York Times published an editorial on Thailand’s military dictatorship and the obvious “cynical sleight of hand, [where] Thailand’s military junta lifted martial law last week only to replace it with even more draconian powers for the ruling military junta led by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha.”

That claim is truthful. So is the observation that the move by the military dictatorship had “little to do with restoring democracy.” Actually, it had nothing to do with democracy.

The claim that Thailand under the fascist military regime could become a pariah state obviously stung the dictators. The result is that Thailand’s Ambassador to the U.S. Pisan Manawapat is required to respond. Defending the military dictatorship means he is either a puppet of the regime of a complete dolt. (Yes, we know it is his job, but really, defending dictators is the work of fascists, dolts and puppets.)

His response is to defend the draconian Article 44 “a set of measures sanctioned by the interim constitution.” The interim constitution was put in place by the military dictatorship. Article 44 is a set of dictatorial measures from a dictatorship.

Pisan says “these measures are actually limited in scope, governed by due process, and allow for compensation and appeals.” In fact, this is nonsense. As explained in the media, Article 44 gives The Dictator, “junta leader and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha absolute power to give any order deemed necessary to ‘strengthen public unity and harmony’ or to prevent any act that undermines public peace.”

The ambassador states that the military coup “lifted the country out of political paralysis and violence. Until then, Thailand’s version of democracy was plagued by rampant corruption, abuse of power and absence of rule of law.” That’s the anti-democrat’s mantra.

But his claim that “Thailand is now developing a sustainable democracy with checks and balances that seek to promote good governance, manage political disagreement and ensure accountability” is simply propaganda from the military dictatorship. He is referring to a draft constitution that is designed to prevent elected politicians ruling in Thailand.

Perhaps funniest claim is that “laws and amendments have been passed to better protect people’s rights and animal welfare…”. We know nothing about animals, but we have yet to see rights granted let alone protected. Pisan and the junta are delusional.



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