Prince taking charge

3 05 2015

PPT realises that royals have to do all the ceremonial stuff in order to maintain their royalness and highness. In Thailand, they also have to do the palace networking with political allies and most especially with the military.

This is why it is no surprise but deeply symbolic that the 1,168 military and police officers promoted to the rank of general in 2014 and 2015 – that is, by the military dictatorship – have undertaken a ceremony to swear oath of allegiance before Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn.

The prince, sounding ever so royal, “reminded them [the new generals] of the significance of the ceremony and their duties which would have direct results to the stability of the country.” He also mentioned daddy’s “speech once given to new generals that their promotion to the rank signified higher responsibilities.” Tremendous insight, intelligence and gravity in that.

The prince “urged the new generals to think over the royal advice and commit their duties with energy and honesty as they had already pledged so that prosperity, stability and happiness would truly come to the nation and the people.” Ho hum, perhaps, saying what daddy has long said in short and shallow ceremonies, only moving to long and rambling speeches and “advice” later in life when he was confident of his public impact.

What is less ho hum is the prince’s continuing moves to embed his people and himself in place, making the succession a gradual process that does not push the almost comatose king aside. We noted his control of palace military last year. The royal estrangement was messy but now seems complete with Srirasmi out of sight and most of her family in jail. He also seems to be establishing his people in significant positions.



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