Disingenuous Bowornsak

25 05 2015

Readers who have accessed PPT over the past several years will know that we have little time for so-called academics who are the paid servants of military dictatorships and other anti-democrats. We have long been critical of Bowornsak Uwanno.

He has been part of the hired help for elected politicians like Chatichai Choonhavan and Thaksin Shinawatra and for two military juntas, indicating his capacity for duplicity and his desire for influence, personal recognition and even a bit of loot. The company he keeps is revealing of where the loot comes from.

Bowornsak and friends

As well as having the For Sale sign hung around his neck for several years and most recently being a notorious royalist poseur, Bowornsak has trampled on the memory of those who died under military guns in 1992, demonstrated an incapacity to distinguish between elected and appointed parliamentarians, considered politicized royalist courts unimpeachable, been a messenger to the US for military juntas, taken orders from the Privy Council, worked to ban books and supported the draconian lese majeste law.

Following this long backgrounder, we turn to Bowornsak’s most recent bleating. The hired “head of the [military dictatorship’s] constitution writers has defended the new [draft] charter, saying it is a first to give citizens unprecedented rights under almost 200 sections.” Recall that this is a constitution that deliberately reduces the role of elections, thus challenging basic notions of representation and sovereignty, the basis of rights. Remember that this is a draft charter that allows for an unelected premier and that seeks to appoint a significant number of legislators to act as blockers against the popular will. “Rights” allocated from on high within a political system that is royalist, elitist and fundamentally undemocratic are unlikely to mean much at all.

But then this quite outrageous statement: “Whoever tries to take these rights away from the citizens will have to do so over our dead bodies…“.

Borwornsak seems to have forgotten that the bodies piled high in 2010 were dead, shot on the orders of the very thugs he now serves!

He can bleat about rights, but he knows nothing of them except as the privileges of the powerful and the armed.

His rhetoric is nonsensical when he argues that critics of the constitution “only point to the 15 or 20 sections that involve politics.” What kind of constitutional lawyer thinks constitutions essentially apolitical documents. Even Bowornsak is not this dull. In other words, he’s dissembling and disingenuous.

He showed his ignorance when he claimed the “Election Commission printed a big ballot and put every name in it in a bid to oppose us. Nowhere in the world is a ballot printed like that.” Perhaps he should look to Australia. A quick bit of Googling produced ballot papers that could cover a table.Oz ballot paper

Borwornsak is again making stuff up for his own political purposes.

The report adds to the list of Bowornsak’s failings by noting that he:

did not explain the bone of contention raised by critics of the charter draft. Foremost among them are why the prime minister should not always come from among elected MPs; why elected senate candidates had to be screened first by non-elected committees before voters can choose them; and why the open-list election method which is seen as undermining the unity and strengths of political parties is used.

Not much point in explaining these provisions as they appear to be what The Dictator wants. That’s not to say that changes won’t be made, but this remains the work of the military dictatorship. After all, they hired, pay for and pull the strings of the puppets.



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