Updated: A = equality before the law

27 05 2015

The graffiti that appeared at the courts in Bangkok over the weekend was an anarchist symbol.

The artist has been apprehended. Whereas the Bangkok Post’s report is bland, Coconuts Bangkok tells us more.Anarchy

Nattapol Kemngen is with the band “Drunk All Day,” and before he went to the Criminal Court “to spray some old-school anarchist symbols on its sign, he first built his fury listening to his band’s song ‘Hell of the Poor’.”

Nattapol “told police he was angry about the inequality in society after there seemed no accountability for a soldier shot and killed his bandmate Yuthana Sripradit earlier this year.” The report states that “Nattapol said only the poor seem to go to jail because they don’t have money. Anarchy to him means equality.”

His protest was against double standards.

It may have had something of a result as police have “announced yesterday Lt. Cpl. Watjaraphong Jurat will be brought for trial in a military court.” A military court? For killing a civilian? Still military double standards.

Update: Prachatai reports that Nattapol was sentenced to a month in jail.



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