The Dictator craves power

9 06 2015

Khaosod has a story on the faux protests of The Dictator. No, he proclaims, “he is not concerned with holding on to power or any office. He is only focused on to his responsibility for the country.”

Poppycock. After running a coup, trampling a constitution and proclaiming himself Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha covets power for himself and because the royalist elite wants him to maintain the repression required to see off popular challenges to its economic, social and political power.

He’s being coy because his continuation as an unelected autocrat requires displays of support for dictatorship, not unlike Nazi rallies.

So he decorously claims he “does not wish to be asked about whether he will delay elections and stay in power for two more years…”. But he loves the manufactured support: “The Prime Minister thanks the people for showing him support and seeing this government’s dedication in working for the country…”.

Yet, at the same time, the fascist monk Buddha Issara has already presented 50,000 signatures claimed to have been collected “in support of delaying elections for two more years so that junta chairman Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha can stay in power until his reform program is completed.”

Prayuth delegated Panadda Diskul, a Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, to accept the petition on hisbehalf.

We expect the delay to be announced once Prayuth feels he has promoted and received sufficient “support.”