On the longest known lese majeste sentence

18 06 2015

Most readers will have seen a long article at Prachatai that is based on an interview with the wife of TS or Yai Daengduad who was convicted and sentenced to a massive 50 years. Because of a guilty plea, this was reduced to 25 years. PPT won’t go into the details of the article because it is long, tragic and must be read as a whole.

We do, however, want to point to one other item in the report that is, we think, new to us. In relation to this sentence, the report states: “This is believed to be the longest sentence ever handed down for defamation of the monarchy, exceeding previous records of 34 years for a former head of the Office of the Chief of Staff for the Crown Prince (no details available), and 30 years for a musician (reduced to 15 years)…”.

We are interested to know if any reader has information on the case with no details? Is it a previously unknown case or is it one of the massive number of cases associated with ditching Srirami? Email us at: politicalprisonersinthailand@hushmail.com




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