Mentally challenged Thai man jailed for lese majeste

27 06 2015

That’s the headline at NDTV, which is just one of the hundreds of sites where this AFP report is published. The mad monarchists running Thailand as a military dictatorship try to claim, alternately, that the lese majeste law is not political, is not draconian, is necessary and/or is a matter of national security.

This is the part of the report on the case, but readers should peruse the other information in the report that tells a damning story of the use of the law:

A Thai man was sentenced to more than three years in jail today under the kingdom’s controversial royal defamation law, despite having a history of mental illness.

Tanet Nonthakot is the second person in the last month suffering from a mental health condition to be convicted under Thailand’s notorious lese majeste legislation – one of the world’s strictest.

Under Section 112 of Thailand’s criminal code anyone convicted of insulting the king, queen, heir or regent faces up to 15 years in prison on each count.

Thanet, 45, from northeastern Phetchabun province, was found guilty of insulting Thailand’s monarchy over the contents of an email he sent four years ago, a judge at Bangkok’s main criminal court said.

A psychologist at his trial testified that Thanet suffered from a mental health illness but was fit to stand trial and was aware of his actions when the alleged offense took place.

“The defendant cannot prove that he was unable to control himself when he sent the email,” the judge said.

Thanet denied breaching the royal defamation law but accepted he had sent the email.

He was handed a five years jail term but the sentence was reduced to three years and four months thanks to his “useful testimony”.

This report should embarrass every Thai and should shame those in the palace who allow the continued use of this feudal law, most recently by the military junta. Of course, we recognize that these are the very people who demand the law be in palace to protect their “freedom” to abuse, control and exploit with impunity.



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