Protecting the prince

2 07 2015

The Bangkok Post reports that the junta’s first major public outing for the crown prince, a public bike ride, has “attracted” a bumper crop of co-riders. The Post breathlessly reports that: “Just two days after opening for public registration, 40,000 people have signed up to take part in the Bangkok rally and another 110,000 registered for simultaneous rides in 76 other provinces at 3pm on Sunday, Aug 16…”.

Of course, as is usual in concocting royal events, these “participants” include diehard royalists wanting to peddle for the queen and prince. They also include people “encouraged” or ordered to “participate.”

Most interesting is the comment that a “combined force of 20,000 policemen, soldiers and civilian volunteers will be deployed along the 43-kilometre cycling route in Bangkok…”. The junta is taking no chances.



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