Health and subs

6 07 2015

In a post a few days ago, PPT commented on The Dictator’s call for Thailand’s universal health care system to be “reformed.” His main claims were that it was too costly and that it was a populist policy, meaning it was Thaksinism.

Not surprisingly, Navy boss Admiral Kraisorn Chansuwanich said his lot had again decided to purchase submarines from China “through a government-to-government contract worth Bt36 billion and would propose for the purchase details to the Cabinet soon,” there were understandable comparisons between the alleged lack of funds for health but tons of money for military kit. Of course, the navy has been coming up with various schemes to get submarines for years.Beached sub

As a footnote to this story, it is reported that Prayuth advised that the “submarine proposal that had been planned for 10 years.” As our previous posts clearly show, he’s lying, as usual. Each time the proposal has come up, it has been rejected. There is no “plan,” other than to produce wondrous commissions.

The comparison between military greed and universal health care is so stark that self-appointed prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha “is attempting to shield himself from increasing criticism over the government’s plan to spend billions on the purchase of three submarines from China while dealing with a universal healthcare scheme running out of funds…”.

Prayuth said no “clear decision is yet to be made on either one,” and displayed his usual paternalism: “… do not link the healthcare scheme with the Navy’s plan to buy submarines. The government will consider the two matters with care…”. Trust me, I am The Dictator!

More threateningly, he used his usual claim of people behind those discussing the issue: “Do not make a mountain out of a mole hill or the ill-intentioned group may use it as a tool…”.

He probably means Puea Thai Party politician Watana Muangsook who wrote on this. “He said that Prayut[h]’s government would never do for the poor what it claimed it would, but would only benefit its cronies.” He added that the “government said it has no budget to help the farmer, but at the same time it has allocated more than Bt100 billion for the military officers who helped stage the coup last year…”.



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