Further updated: On the student’s release

10 07 2015

A reader sent us the following declaration:

Declaration 5 of Lecturer Network Concerned about Imprisoned Students

Thank you to the People from all sectors

As the military court has rejected the custody petition for another term resulting in the release of the 14 students, we Concerned Lecturers would like to express our thankfulness to students, academics, writers, translators, artists, NGO activists and the great number of people who have supported the 14 students, joining to the demand their unconditional release. Without this push, the 14 students might have been imprisoned and lost their freedom for even longer.

Moreover, the experience we got from helping the students made us see the possibility that participation from a variety of groups of people, whether in the same political side or not, can cross the barrier of disparity.

From various, opposite parties we can all join to create an appropriate principle and consensus in order to protect those who fight for freedom. This cooperation in the middle of political disparity shows that there could be grounds to encourage relations, exchanges and participation to enforce Rightness for the Public in the long run.

However, as the prosecutors still keep all charges in this case and the previous political cases, it is possible that the 14 students will be subject to political charges and processes at anytime as well as being threatened by other methods. We, the Lecturers continue to participate as a network to monitor the students’ security. We demand the Junta cease threatening activists and the networks. We are especially concerned about the warrant issued to Mr. Baramee Chairut and the manager of Suan-nguen Mee-ma, in charge of operations against the draft Constitution based on exaggerated accusations and a pattern of threats.

Besides this, up until now such threats has spread to lecturers in rural local areas too in various methods: calling them, approaching for inquiry, and requests for some appointments to any local lecturers who have joined us.

We, the Lecturer Network demand that the Military and other officials immediately stop such behavior and threats. We insist that our participation is rooted in our genuine concern for the students who openly, sincerely and justifiably demanded the freedom that they deserve. We are pleased to provide this communication in order to create right understanding under an open condition, and with sincerity.

With confidence in Right, Freedom and Equality

Lecturer Network Concerned about Imprisoned Students

July 8, 2015

Update 1: Readers will find the two interesting reports on the students’ jail experience at Prachatai, here and here.

Update 2: For more on these concerned lecturers, see a story at Prachatai, where their harassment by the military is set out. The story tells of a “visit” by five military officers came to Mahidol University to ask the lecturers “about their political stands and whether they support the 14 anti-junta activists, who are temporarily released.” It is stated that: “Besides asking about the political stands and if the lecturers support the 14 anti-junta activists, the officers requested the lecturers to soften up the critical contents of the seminars and discussions that the institute usually organises.” The lecturers responded that “they disagreed with the coup-maker and that they will continue to support the 14 anti-junta activists.”



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