Prayuth as racist

12 07 2015

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the darling of the anti-democrats and favorite of (some parts of) the palace has proven himself not just a political thug but a racist.

Readers may recall his repeated attacks on migrants and migrant workers. His denigration of the ethnically distinguished people of the north and northeast as ignorant added to the racist profile. His repeated claims that “foreigners” can’t understand Thailand because they are not Thai were further proof of his xenophobia. His racism is confirmed by his recent comments on Uighurs.

Coconuts Bangkok has a report on a “visibly angry Prayuth [who] used coarse language while responding to questions over Thailand’s decision to send more than 100 Uighurs back to China against their will…”. The coarse language implicitly compared the refugees with animals.

Prayuth asked reporters: “”If we don’t do this [deport them], what else are we gonna do? Or do you want to feed them until they produce three litters of offspring?”

Thais should be embarrassed that they have such a base leader, even if he chose himself and came to the position of premier through an illegal coup.



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