“Potential” lese majeste

15 07 2015

This royalist military dictatorship never ceases to amaze on lese majeste. It has arrested, detained and jailed scores of people. It has caused at least 30 persons to flee the country for fear of the lese majeste law.

A report at The Nation on the latest measures to “protect the monarchy” and the military regime is more amazing than most.

It states that “[p]eople with the potential to defame the monarchy will be divided into five watchlist groups for monitoring…”.

This mode of political repression has been devised by the military junta’s “Justice” Minister General Paiboon Khumchaya. He’s decided to spy on the colleagues, supporters, friends and family of lese majeste exiles.

Others on Paiboon’s lists include “those not facing arrest but who had gone abroad; those facing arrest and active abroad; those active in Thailand; those part of the watchlist with 135 names; and offenders’ allies.”

The minister threatened all of these people saying they “were being assessed and their behaviour monitored in order to see if they were acting together as a network.”

The military dictatorship seems to have a fetish for finding “networks,” even where none exist.



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