Another plot…

16 07 2015

The military dictatorship has managed to come up with quite a few “plots” since its 2014 coup. Several of them have been for media consumption. Some have been to frighten or threaten. Others have been to jail “plotters.”

The most bizarre so far came from General Thawatchai Samutsakhon, a military member of the National Reform Council.

Before we get to that claim, recall that the same general came up with the absurd claim that the Dao Din students being under the influence of an “ill-intentioned foreign organisation” that brainwashed them. The father of one of the students claimed Thawatchai had made this stuff up.

Reveling in his role as political jester, Thawatchai was quoted a couple of days ago alleged that “two political parties, whom he refused to identify, were preparing to mobilise up to a million people to descend on Bangkok to overthrow the government.”

It seems he thinks the (anti)Democrat Party and Puea Thai are joining to overthrow the military dictatorship. Perhaps he had a dream? Perhaps he is delusional? Or just mad, for he also accused the “parties of being behind violence in the deep South.”

The response of the (anti)Democrat Party was almost as bizarre:

Democrat Party member Nipit Intrasombat said: “I would like Thawatchai to be more specific on which political party [was behind the incident] so that state authorities can sue the party concerned by sending the case to the Election Commission (EC) – to have the parties dissolved. This way, no one would be mistaken.”

Nipit seems to want to suggest there is a plot! No one else of any consequence seems to agree. While Thawatchai claimed to be citing “intelligence reports,” the National Security Council contradicted him. Despite the nonsensical claims, General Thawatchai continues to be an Army commander and puppet legislator.