Dictating to the kids

16 07 2015

The Minister of Education is an Admiral. Most sensible people wouldn’t consider a career as a military bureaucrat and toady a qualification for this position. Yet the military dictatorship wants to get kids early and indoctrinate them, and the military believes its men are skilled in propaganda. Repression and propaganda are twinned by dictators.

The Bangkok Post reports that, at the prompting of The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Ministry has worked at lightening speed to produce a new curriculum to use the subjects “history, civic duty and moral education” to:

foster knowledge and understanding about history and civic duty, and promote loyalty to and respect for the three major pillars of Thai society — the nation, religion, and the monarchy.

The sufficiency economy “philosophy” will also be forced upon students at an early age.

We doubt the claim that “the ministry had conducted studies, collected data, and organised brainstorming sessions with various sectors to develop the curriculum…”. The Ministry did as it was instructed by the military dictators.