Creating the deity

17 07 2015

Coconuts Bangkok has a”story” that turns out to be an advertisement for the king and the royalism associated with the late in life creation of a new deity for Thailand (and the commercial advantages that go along with this by being close to the monarchy and identified as a paid up posterior polisher).

We imagine that the military dictatorship likes this commercial propaganda and we know the Bangkok middle class loves it for it gives these rootless souls a place holder in Thailand’s hierarchies of wealth and influence.

You guessed it, more yellow t-shirts, the uniform of the People’s Alliance for Democracy in 2005-6. There’s never much original thinking amongst royalists because their vision is to past. THat the slogan has changed to something equally unoriginal – “Follow the Father” – suggests that the dullard dictators have been at work on this campaign.

These shirts remain a pledge your allegiance to a king soon to pass and an era that is past, no matter what The Dictator thinks he can enforce.

Thai Life Insurance is at this “to celebrate His Majesty The King’s 88th birthday.” That’s in December, but maybe the company doesn’t think he’ll survive until then. At the company’s website, the “Follow the Father” ads are revolving about with the normal commercial ads you’s expect amongst such companies.

Readers are told that the “idea is to convince all Thais to follow in the footsteps of His Majesty and improve their deeds and way of living.” We imagined this means using your power to grow stupendously wealthy and to manage governments in and out the door without troubling the power structure while being in close alliance with the murderous military. But, of course, we were wrong.