The North Korea comparison again

18 07 2015

John Le Fevre at The Establishment Post has a long story that uses the North Korea analogy for Thailand’s military dictatorship and its repression. Yes, Thailand is a monarchy, and the analogy is in danger of being overused, but there is something to it.

He observes:

This week there were amendments to the anti-graft law introducing the death penalty for corruption offences, two Phuket-based journalists put on trial and 10 members of an anti-monarchy group sentenced to jail for producing videos criticising the Thai royal family.

The rest of the articles discusses these acts of repression and threats. It concludes with this:Prayuth

While the eyes of the world may be on Thailand for more reasons than just its failing economy, Thailand is at this stage not giving any indication it cares what the rest of the world thinks.

In fact, it is The Dictator and his military cronies who care little for international opinion, as farmers struggle with drought, the economy declines further and allegations of the junta dealing with international money launderers circulate on social media. The junta remain more interested in Thaksin Shinawatra (it seems they live, dream and fantasize about the man), political indoctrination and managing the monarchy-military nexus than in what foreigners think.



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