Denying the undeniable

21 07 2015

Lies, untruths, fabrications, porkies, misrepresentation, deceit, distortion and falsification are all tools of the military dictatorship. Its spokespersons could not lie straight in bed.

It is no wonder that The Nation reports that a Major-General Sarayut Klinmahom, a director of the Army’s Judge Advocate Office, declared that “Nobody ordered the Army to seize political power…” on 2 May 2014. He was “testifying before the Criminal Court yesterday during a hearing of the Army’s libel case against Thaksin [Shinawatra].”

We believe that this case comes from Thaksin’s visit to Korea in May. Then, Thaksin told a South Korean media agency that last year’s military takeover was plotted by advisers to the king. He alleged that privy councilors helped engineer the anti-government protests that culminated in the coup that overthrew the Yingluck Shinawatra government. Thaksin stated:

The military listened to the Privy Councilors…. When they didn’t want us to stay anymore, they made Suthep [Thaugsuban, leader of anti-government protests] come out, and then had the military help him. Some people from the palace circle also provided help, which made us powerless.

That’s a pretty reasonable account of the way things played out. At the same time, we are sure that the Army brass were also dead keen to oust Yingluck. Yet they have to lie about it in order to shore up the ridiculous lie that the palace isn’t involved in politics.



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