-9.754 billion/+10 billion

31 07 2015

This story came out a while ago, and PPT failed to get to it. It is short and bittersweet. Bitter if you are a regular person, sweet if you are in the military:

The committee working on the 2016 fiscal budget has so far trimmed 9 billion baht from the budget allocation for 18 Ministries.

According to the budget committee spokesperson, Maj Gen Chatudom Titthasiri, budgets requested by 302 agencies of 18 Ministries account for 76 percent of the entire fiscal budget. So far the committee has shaved 9.754 billion baht off the initial numbers….

Regarding the Ministry of Defense, Gen Chatudom disclosed that the committee had decided to increase the budget for the Ministry by 10 billion baht, because of an increase in compensation to its regular army personnel and ranger force. He noted however, that the committee did not allocate any budget towards the Ministry’s planned purchase of submarines in 2016.



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