Less cake, not much eating either

31 07 2015

The old saying is you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The military dictatorship’s puppets seem to be reinventing this to be you can’t have much cake and you won’t be eating it either.

At The Nation it is reported that the National Reform Council (NRC) has “approved the decentralisation and local administration reform proposed by its panel with 149 votes in favour and 4 against.” It is said that the approach is to “strengthen the people.”

Chairman of the Local Administration Reform Committee Pongpoyom Wasapooti says this will come from “boosting people’s participation in the local administration and allowing them to check the work of the agencies…”.

Sounds reasonable until he adds that some local administrations “might be abolished or merged with others.” The “logic” of anti-democrats then comes into play. One of these so-called reformers is that “local administrations should be more independent…” but these “independent” local administrations can’t be independent because they may become “corrupt.” Hence, “independence” still means the good and great in Bangkok play a paternalistic role, where “the provision of budget should be carefully watched…”.

The local officials can’t be trusted because of “vote-buying and election fraud” even when “the number of local administrations [is] decreased.”

In other words, “corruption … might take place when the local administrations became more independent…”, so reduce the number of them and restrict budgets and limit voting.

Reform means anti-democracy, illogical nonsense and paternalism.



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