Education hub?

4 08 2015

This is a reasonably old story, sent to us by a reader some time ago, but worth posting as an illustration of the delusional nature of the current regime.

The propaganda department reports that the Ministry of Education is in the process of “establishing a center to develop Thailand as the education hub of ASEAN.”

Our eyes widened when reading this. This is the Thailand where the manifold:

… weaknesses in Thailand’s education system are well documented, with O-Nets, Pisa, Timms and World Bank reports all highlighting Thailand’s lack of progress and the urgency with which reforms are needed. These reports have also emphasised the gross educational inequalities which disadvantage students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, rural areas and ethnic minorities.

This is the Thailand of the military dictatorship that has:

… created a list of “12 National Values,” and since last October has required that every student recite the values at the start of their school day. Critical thinking is conspicuously absent from the list. Instead, the values promote order, respect and honor of authority, discipline of body and mind, economic modesty, and selflessness.

This is the Thailand where the military dictatorship has made the Ministry of Education a North Korea-like Ministry of Propaganda. This Ministry of Propaganda is led by an admiral. That military dunce agreed with the North Korean Ambassador to Thailand that “the education systems of both countries are rather similar…”.

This is the Thailand that arrests student activists who demand democracy. It is the Thailand where real education reformers are intimidated and spied on.

Somehow, the military junta has convinced itself that this Thailand is somehow going to be taken sriously by Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and even Vietnam will take its military propaganda seriously. This delusional vision was explained by a military mouthpiece:

Deputy Government Spokesman Maj. Gen. Sansern Kaeokamnerd said the goal of the ministry’s development of Thailand as the ASEAN education hub was to internationalize education in the junior-high and high school levels. These schools must be prepared to provide education for both Thai and foreign students in ASEAN. The center would also act as a source of information and research on ASEAN and train people for competition in the regional level….

Apparently, The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has “agreed with the establishment of the center which was in line with the government’s national reform efforts and preparations for the AEC…”.

Men who have made their lives and careers through loyalty to hierarchy and by polishing the posteriors of their bosses and idols can’t imagine any other “education.”

They are delusional.



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