Royal accolades still concocted

4 08 2015

Over the years, the seeking of accolades for royals has been a task assigned to senior bureaucrats. Indeed, it has become a mark of loyalty for a man or woman hoping to rise in the bureaucracy that they manage to convince some buffoon at an international organization that the royals are superhuman and deserving of some gong, even one invented for the purpose.

UNESCO has been involved in such ludicrous awards and “recognition.” So has the FAO, some foreign governments, especially those with royal families, a range of universities from the serious, which are made to look ridiculous, to the barely known, hoping for a market opportunity in Thailand, and many more.

The most recent gong provided to the royals is from WIPO. Who? It is the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) that says it has “honoured Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn with a debut award in celebration of the sustainable development created by her creative works.”

Yep, that’s yet another invented award for a Thai royal.

The so-called WIPO Award for Creative Excellence will be presented by Francis Gurry, who is the director-general of WIPO. Gurry and WIPO have form on this matter. Back in 2009, WIPO under Gurry awarded a gong to the king. That was for something about “intellectual property” which sounds like an oxymoron when connected with Thailand and royals.

This time Gurry reportedly gushed “that the Princess has been a champion of creativity and intellectual property across a wide domain.” Sounding like he’d read the royal web page, Gurry salivated over her “350 creative works, poetry, writings, prose and illustrations.”

As far as we can tell, much of this “corpus” is childish scribbling. But we are biased. So let’s go on. Gurry was gleeful about the “trademark” called “Phu Fa”, which he claims is “very successfully displayed on products at Phu Fa shops…”. It is, but does anyone know much about this royal hobby shop? None of these royal shops has to be successful for the royals want them and the various governments have to support and promote them, no matter how silly or idiosyncratic.

Indeed, as the report notes, it is the Commerce Ministry’s Intellectual Property Department that “has registered 354 works of the Princess, including 199 paintings, such as an orchid painting, the ‘Phu Fa’ elephant painting and 153 literary works including poems, children books, memoirs and songs.”

Gurry gushed on with all the usual royalist nonsense about supposed greatness, alleged accomplishments and claimed capacity.

The same Ministry is presumably paying for the”exhibition on the intellectual property of His Majesty the King and the Princess at the WIPO headquarters in Geneva between October 5-14.”



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