Still intimidating students

8 08 2015

A few days ago PPT posted on the continuing intimidation of the Dao Din students. That intimidation continues in a manner that is remarkably blunt, dull and marking the bureaucracy and the military dictatorship as a throwback to the mid-twentieth century.

The Nation reports that the students have had to invite an EU diplomat to visit them in Khon Kaen. Why? It seems that the students, still being followed by security officials are being accused of having “illicit items such as weapons…”. The EU remains concerned about the safety of the students.

Of course, if the authorities decided to raid the students’ house and office, they would probably set them up by planting “illicit items.” This was standard practice in the dark past, and such searches and “finds” were seldom questioned because they occurred under dictatorial regimes and often resulted in disappearances or long jail terms.

Meanwhile, The Isaan Record has published an interview with the students. PPT won’t summarize the interview as it is widely available and worth reading in full.



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