Loving North Korea

9 08 2015

The North Korea connection with the military dictatorship in Bangkok continues to develop and is becoming warmer and more loving.

We choose that last word carefully, understanding that the military dictatorship’s foreign minister, General Tanasak Patimapragorn has recently expressed his personal love for China and its foreign minister….

At the Bangkok Post Tanasak says a visit by North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong will “discuss a range of bilateral issues … especially existing cooperation between two countries.” It is reported that a “government source said his visit was seen as a symbolic trip representing the long-standing bilateral relationship.” Tanasak added that: “It is not unusual for the North Korean foreign minister to visit our country…”. In fact, it is the first visit for 10 years.

Tanasak also explained that “the [military] government is ready to build ties with any country seeking a diplomatic relationship.” The dictatorship seems desperate.

Of course, and in line with his understanding of the cult of personality, Ri “is scheduled to visit several royal projects…”.




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