Mammoth jail terms “defended”

9 08 2015

The military dictatorship has justified sentencing lese majeste victims to huge jail terms. Yes, we know, this is justifying the unjustifiable. But let’s listen to this drivel and continue to damn the generals for their royalist and feudal nonsense.

Some dope called Maj Gen Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak with the job of being spokesman for a government of royalist dolts “has defended the two record lese majeste sentences handed down on Friday, saying it was part of a general push for tougher law enforcement.”

Dopes and dolts are dangerous when they have guns and have stolen government. They are also cruel, vindictive and plain nasty. This particular dope says: “We are applying nothing new in terms of law enforcement…. It’s just a matter of the previous administration neglecting to enforce the law properly.” There is a difference between enforcing the law and being cruel, vindictive and intimidating an entire population, but this dope and the regime he represents don’t understand anything so subtle.

The report states that “[s]ince the coup, at least 51 people have been charged with lese majeste.” PPT counts 94 persons arrested, charged or convicted under the military dictatorship.



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