No impeachment for MPs acting legally

15 08 2015

The puppet National Legislative Assembly has managed a collective decision that makes some sense. The puppets have been engaged in a process to consider the impeachment of 248 former members of the previous elected House of Representatives.

The allegation made by the politicized National Anti-Corruption Commission was that the MPs had somehow broken the law by amending the 2007 Constitution regarding the make-up of the Senate.  Of course, under the constitution, they were entitled to do this.

The majority of puppets voted not to impeach the former MPs, because “[i]t was their view that the former MPs had the right to amend the Constitution.” They are right.

The decision is not so remarkable when it is considered that “38 former senators had previously survived impeachment on the same grounds, so the same standard should apply.”

The puppets have sought to separate those considered critical elements of the “Thaksin regime” and others associated with the Thaksin’s parties. Thus they did earlier impeach three former Minister of Commerce Boonsong Teriyapirom, former Deputy Minister of Commerce Poom Sarapol and former Director of the Department of Foreign Trade Manus Soiploy for involvement in the rice subsidy scheme. Significantly, Yingluck Shinawatra was also impeached over this scheme. She faces criminal charges.



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