Stunt or a failure? I

25 08 2015

Thailand’s constitutional lawyer for hire Bowornsak Uwanno and his puppet committee of charter drafters has recently produced the draft constitution. They presented it to the puppet National Reform Committee.

The Thai-language version is available for download.

The front page of the draft is shown to the right.Missing preamble

It is essentially blank. When PPT downloaded it yesterday, we thought there was a mistake with fonts of something similar. However, today it is reported at the Bangkok Post that: “Two reform panels have agreed to ask the Constitutional Court to rule if the draft charter, which is due for a vote early next month, is complete and legitimate as the preamble is missing.”

Borwornsak has reportedly “downplayed their concerns, saying the preamble is not the CDC’s task and it is exclusively for the monarch’s review.”

This is somewhat contradicted by this: “Traditionally, he said the preamble is written after the drafting of a charter is finished and the cabinet’s secretariat office will be responsible for the matter.”

We are not convinced that this is the usual procedure. The draft 2007 constitution circulated for the referendum included a preamble. Bowornsak reckons that the 1932 constitution had a “Royal Preamble.” Our viewing of that document does not confirm this.

Given that the hired lawyer should know what is required, is this a royalist stunt to hand back more power to the monarchy or is it something that introduces legal complications that will delay the referendum?

We welcome reader opinions on this.