Prem and the junta

26 08 2015

Former unelected prime minister and current President of the king’s Privy Council General Prem Tinsulanonda has celebrated his 95th birthday by, in the words of a Khaosod headline, showering praise on the military junta.

Prem and his boys

There’s no surprise in that. After all, Prem is essentially the “godfather” of the military brass and has long preferred military-dominated regimes. The aged meddler stated:

“Today is a day that I am very proud, happy and confident, to see the prime minister, Khun Pom and all military branches displaying their love, unity, sacrifice and loyalty for the people to see,” Prem said, referring to Prayuth [Chan-ocha’s] deputy Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan by his nickname.

In a display of mutual back massage, Prayuth “thanked” Prem for his “contributions” to the nation. He declared: “You are most loyal to the nation, the religion, and the King, which earns you respect and admiration, and you have become a role model for us…”.

Prem returned the praise from his boys, “referring to Prayuth and his Prawit by their nicknames – Tuu and Pom, respectively.”

The palace’s political position has always been clear over the past decade or so.