Petrified by opposition

5 09 2015

The military dictatorship, for all the tough talk by The Dictator and other military thugs, is actually petrified. It is terrified that any form of protest could bring its world tumbling down.

Yes, it has all the guns. has cowed many and threatens all, but it has a recurring nightmare: that the people will rebel.

When a group called the Democracy Study group made a call on its Facebook page “asking people to show their stand on the constitution draft at 4pm on Saturday at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre,” the junta panicked.

Scores of security officers were sent to surround the Centre.

Protest 2 - Copy

The police issued an order banning the use of the property as a demonstration site. Under Section 7 of the Public Assembly act, enacted last month, the cops “prohibited a public gathering within 150 metres … [of] a palace.”

A palace? Yep, according to the police order, the “small yard in front of the centre or the skywalk across the Pathumwan intersection is within the radius of Sra Prathum Palace so no protest can be held…”.

Sra Prathum Palace is “a residence of … Princess … Sirindhorn.”Protest 1 - Copy

The report and several social media accounts explain that the “Democracy Study group, however, appeared undeterred. It posted on its Facebook the meeting was still on at 4pm, showing a picture of its props and a measurement tape.” The group intended to avoid the ban by gathering at 151 meters from the  palace.

It engaged in several activities showing disapproval of the draft constitution, including a mock referendum.

We are sure the military dopes can’t abide a protest of any kind, but we are not entirely sure they want the constitution to move forward. They might prefer a longer period in the driving seat.